One of the most important packaging companies in Italy. Over 100 years of history in general packaging and 50 years of operations in the aseptic sector.
A well-established supplier of the most known and widespread brands.

The Europoligrafico Group is one of the most important packaging producers in Italy. The Group prides itself on its significant presence in Europe, with an important industrial history both in general packaging and in aseptic packaging. The Europoligrafico Group is organised over three production plants and supplies to primary multinational clients such as, for example, Unilever, Nestlé, Henkel, Reckitt Benckiser. Its predominant merchandise sector is the food industry. The aseptic material is manufactured in the Perugia plant which, starting back in the mid-1960s – among the pioneers in Europe – has been at the centre of liquid packaging technology development (Europoligrafico developed and manufactured the Resolvo packaging machine). Europoligrafico has been producing aseptic products for about 50 years without interruption: first for the American multinational company International Paper, then for the Italian company IPI, and from now on for Fibrapak customers. The plant is renowned for its tradition of quality from a graphic point of view and also for its know-how in the area of material technology. The aseptic materials are made on cutting-edge production lines, while quality is guaranteed by decades of know-how. Europoligrafico is proud to have all the most important certifications including ISO9002, FSC, FDA and BRC.

30 years of experience in the aseptic sector.
600 operating machines.
Focus on quality and development.
Full system supplier

Asian aseptic packaging markets are now the largest in the world in terms of the number of containers sold. Several Chinese packaging machine manufacturers were founded when these markets emerged almost 30 years ago. Among these was Fibrapak partner GS Pak, who emerged victorious from a long, difficult selection process. Over 90 lines/year installed, excellence and future ambition position GS Pak alongside historical Western players in the sector. Starting from its technical office, GS Pak is set apart by its meticulous search for quality, making use of the world’s leading suppliers in every product sector. GS Pak pursues the ambitious and continuous improvement of packaging machines, boasting a complete range of formats. It should also be noted that GS Pak is able to produce different formats of aseptic packaging material in its production plant, equipped with the most advanced technologies (such as a new Davis Standard ErWePa extruder machine). Therefore, in addition to offering its customers a complete system in terms of safety and scope of supply, the two partners GS Pak and Fibrapak are perfectly integrated and can offer their customers complete productive back-up.


The company’s range of machine formats is complete and GS Pak pursues ambitious, continuous development of packaging machines.

An important advantage for Fibrapak is that its partner GS Pak is also a full system supplier, equipped with a large production facility for aseptic containers utilising the latest technology (for example, the new Davis Standard ErWePa extruder machine, picture below). Therefore, in addition to offering our customers a complete system in terms of safety and scope of supply, the two partners GS Pak and Fibrapak are perfectly integrated and can offer their customers complete productive back-up.

Prom-Upak LLC – Brik Aseptic & Gable Top


Prom-Upak LLC – Brik Aseptic & Gable Top

Prom-Upak is the first Russian Manufacturer of Aseptic packaging with a production capacity of 1.2billion packages per year, with more than 700 customers.

Prom-Upak LLC is the first Russian company which began to offer the market a complex approach and innovations in the field of filling and packaging of liquid products.

 In the process of forming packaging solutions we analyze the specifics of each customer. Based on the support and experience of our world-known partners, we build a model of the customer’s desires and after that we deliver him our best solutions.

 Producing modern packaging, we use the latest achievements in the field of offset printing, which allow our team of designers and marketing specialists to create a unique graphic design of the packaging taking into account new trends in design. The quality management department, in its turn, monitors the process of packaging production at all stages. The technical service carries out the design, commissioning of the equipment, warranty, post-warranty maintenance of the installed lines and provides various services to ensure the uninterrupted running of the equipment at the customer enterprises.

Each of our employees and the company as a whole are fully responsible to customers for their actions. We understand the importance of our work, and our systematic approach allows it to be performed efficiently, stably and with pleasure.